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 Candidates search and selection icon The all-around search (headhunting, database, adds) with professional and quality selection (interviews and potential and competences tests).
 Management Audit icon Executive assessment for better engagement and maximizing the effectiveness of crucial personnel in your company.
 Assessment of Competencies and Potentials icon Gain insight into your employees’ professional advantages and flaws. Detailed analysis of personality, abilities and potential of your staff will significantly simplify further HR decisions.
 Development of interviewing techniques icon Development of interviewing techniques will allow you more efficient and quality selection process, while your assessment will be based on developed psychological principles and methods.
 Temporary employment-staff leasing icon Register employees with HILL International and let us take the burden of entire administration for them while they perform work tasks in your company.
 Outplacement icon Assistance with employees’ layoff. Our outplacement program helps your ex employee handle the layoff easier, perceive his possibilities and, with our support, in the shortest timeframe possible, find a new job. At the same time we provide training for managers who communicate the layoff decision.
 Onboarding icon Assistance with introduction of new employee to the company. Our onboarding program facilitates the process of integration of new employee to your team and corporate culture, allowing both sides to develop open and transparent relationship.
 Mailbox icon Posting of job ad, receiving and classifying job applications. This service can easily be combined with other services from our offer.
 Applications filtering icon If you have posted the job ad yourself, but you are having trouble reviewing the applicants in the correct manner, we can execute the analysis and preselecting for you. The range of this service can agreed upon regarding your specific needs.

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